Friday, August 28, 2009

Welcome to Pre-release!

Wooooo I am very existed.

The first of this series is finally out of my head and on to paper!!!

It's such a liberating feeling... I have been working on this project since I was 16!

Thank you for checking this blogg, I have to say I am normally an introvert so this whole thing is counterintutive...

Anyway, im gonna try to inform and have fun.

I've always wanted to make an epic story, something different that transcends the normal trends. When I first had the concept it was revolutionary... but now people have caught up to me lol.

Still I am putting my ideas out there because they stand apart from all others I've seen.

Beta Earth: What is it?

Well from a grand stand point BE is my belief in humans.

I believe we are so much more then we even comprehend. It's exciting and scary at the same time. Because even though we can aspire to more we are still individuals and as such we have our own agendas. So, it's interesting to see if we will aspire to great highs or if we will let greed and discontent get the best of us.

Beta Earth takes this idea to the extreme by that I mean the future... (ohhh scary).

In this future a few individuals are the first to be blessed with extraordinary skills... However, they do not fully understand what this means and how it will effect the peace that most have so far.

Deep huh?

O.K. I just wanted to tell an entertaining story!!!

This is (soft) Sci-Fi because I don't want people to be bogged down by the technology... but I made it Sci-Fi because the philosophy of yesterday is tomorrows technology.

I wanted to make the characters diverse as well, not just ethnically but in temperament I used the elements.

So you will see.


In a since you can pick which character you relate to and hope for that character to achieve his or her goals. That's right there is no single hero or heroine.

There are just people with different objectives.

Get ready to chose a side and come for a ride!

I would like to welcome you all to Beta Earth.


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