Sunday, June 22, 2014

After 4 years. The Beta Earth Project Resurrects.

4 years of improvement. 4 years of struggle to make it: better, faster, stronger.

Although my novel Beta Earth: Awakening was technically finished in 2010. It wasn't refined enough for my taste. So I went back to the drawing board. I asked friends, family and fans for help and guidance and most of all I dug deep inside and really verified want I wanted to express in this book.

Even though this is an action/adventure book. I want it to heavily reflect on us as humans. I want it to express our ideas of hope, strength, fear, desire, and growth.

When you read this book. You will find within yourself if you gain your strength from absolute control over yourself or do you thrive in an environment liberated from the chains of control.

There is no right answer. Only one that works for you.

To me honest. I never realized how difficult it is to craft an experience for someone. Each day I read and re-read so that I can hopefully develop a wondrous adventure. An adventure that hopefully opens your minds as well as allows you to escape for a brief moment.

Updates in the campaign.

I will be releasing video information on the BE Project. 3 videos planned so far, they will contain the following:
  1. An introduction to Beta Earth story (which includes all notes and a quick preview of all the documents it took to craft the world).
  2. An in-depth Character Study (my personal favorite don't miss).
  3. Publishing updates, progression notes, and viewer ideas.

Thank you all for your support and patience!

J. R. Napier

Sneak Preview of the upcoming sequel Beta Earth: Awakening

Beta Earth: Awakening/Residual Effects

*Warning spoilers*

The following events take place 6 months after Beta Earth: Between Worlds. Feel free to read or listen to the video.


Vin stares into the sky. He knows it’s getting closer day by day. When he was young, he thought it was weird for a planet to just hover in the air. Now that he’s older, he realizes they are in a binary orbit around the Sun.
            Theia was the name given to the planet long ago. Now that it’s colonized. It’s known as Beta Earth, a second chance, for all humans. “I failed the people I cared about the most. Can anyone … can anything wash away this feeling. This terrible horrible feeling.” Vin lowers his gaze. In front of him is a hospice district. The gardens are well kept and the lawns are luscious green. “How did I end up here?”
            It’s been six months since this started. It’s hard to believe ... I was just a street punk. Zuri and I joined a gang, stole and did whatever we could to survive. Even with all that ... I acquired the power to protect the sprawls—the loving home that raised me. I took control of our gang the Faux Forsaken and made them a beacon of hope instead of fear.  Hell, I even made a protection deal with an executive of the Syndicate, Gaidon. Even with all that ... I couldn’t—Vin grasps the bag he’s holding tightly as he enters the communal housing complex.  
            His eyes remain fixed on the ground as he walks down the dark hallway eventually reaching room 403. He peers through the square window on the door. Inside he can see an older woman lying peacefully in a medical bed with I.V.’s attached to her. Next to her a young man is sitting in a wheel chair. His head is hung low and a look of deep depression on his face. Vin takes a deep breath as he grabs the door knob and pauses.
            This never gets any easier. He thinks as he turns the knob and enters the room.
“Vin?” a woman asks. Vin nods in confirmation as he walks towards her. He takes a small wrapped gift and places it on the desk near the young man in a wheel chair.
            “More candy?” The woman asks.
             “I heard he actually tried some last time.”  Vin replies.
            “Yes.  He’s always had a sweet tooth. Even his current condition won't keep him from that.”
            They both share a light laugh which ends abruptly when the woman starts coughing. Vin moves closer to the woman and kneels by the side of her bed. She rubs him lightly on the head. Emotions swell as he grabs her bed cover and squeezes it tightly.
            “It’s not your fault.” The woman says.  As soon as those words leave her lips, tears stream down Vin’s cheeks. The woman continues to rub his head lightly.
            “It’s not your fault child … rest. You’ve done enough.”
            “Thank you Caroline but I—I can’t rest yet. Not yet.” Vin wipes away his tears as he looks over at the young man sitting in the wheelchair.
            “He hasn’t talked since that day.” Caroline says.  Vin stands up and walks over to him.
            “He lost most of his brothers and sisters that day … I don’t blame him.”  Vin leans in and hugs the unresponsive young man.
            “I’m so sorry Zuri.” he whispers lightly.
            “I know I can’t make things right … but I will make a change.”  Vin’s embrace is suddenly interrupted when he feels a slight distortion. The feeling is followed immediately by a small chill that enters his spine. He recognizes this sensation. Someone has arrived. He slowly stands up and starts to exit the room.
            “The world will end soon, Vin.” Caroline says.
Vin stops and turns his head slightly.
            “You think so? The rest of the world doesn't seem concerned. No one is even reporting on it.” Vin replies.
            “I’ve seen it in my dreams ... many times. Theia crashes into Earth and all life is lost.”
            “So, in the end, nothing we do matters. Everything ... was for nothing.” Vin says.
He has always expected this outcome. Since childhood, his sister Anul would wake from her night terrors, screaming about the end of the world.
            “No child. It’s the exact opposite. Everything we do now matters the most. Vin ... the world ends soon, I know it ... but I see you. I see you. Somehow you survive the end of the world and inspire hope.” Caroline says
            “Inspire hope? I-I just wanted to protect you and—and I.” Vin grips the door handle tight. No amount of words will suffice as an apology. Failing to protect his family is almost too much for him to bear. He can't bring back those who died and he can’t restore Caroline and Zuri to their healthy conditions.  All he can do is wait. Wait for the pain to hopefully subside. He leaves Caroline with words reassurance to fill the void of silence he let in the room.
            “I promise I’ll make a world worthy of the both of you.” Vin says as he opens the door.
            “Be safe child and know that we always love you.” Caroline replies as Vin exits the room. A young man named Abel, stands just outside the room. He wears a hooded jacket that covers most of his face. Vin closes the door behind him and walks by the young man as he makes his way for the exit. Abel follows behind Vin as he passes by.
            “You are a hard person to track down.” Abel says.
            “I have to stay off grid.” Vin replies.
            “This is the only place I know you visit every month.”
            “Well? What do you want?” Vin asks.
            “I need your help. Paradise is in danger.” Abel says abruptly. Vin stops and clenches his fist tightly.
            “Vin I know this isn’t the best time but—”
            “Listen. I care about one thing.  The only reason I am still around ... is to make sure Gaidon holds up his deal to protect the sprawls.”
            “I helped you.” Abel says. Vin turns to face Abel.
            “I helped you when you came to the area between worlds.” He continues.
            “I know and because of that ... now I’m on the run. From the moment they found out what I could do the U.F. has been hunting me. They forced me to abandon my Faux Forsaken. To abandon my home. Which means I can no longer protect the sprawls ... I can no longer protect the people I love.” Vin replies. Abel understands Vin’s plight but he also knows that he is the only one who can help him save his home.
            “Vin please—”
            “Why should I care about Paradise? Huh? They exist in peace and harmony while my people suffer here in the streets and sprawls … I hope it—I hope Paradise burns to the ground.” Vin says as he continues towards the exit.
             “There are mothers in Paradise too!”  Vin stops and Abel slowly walks towards him.
            “There are fathers and brothers and sisters as well.” He says as he continues to move towards Vin who still has his back to him.
            “If Paradise can’t be Paradise … then can any other place hope to achieve the same status?” Abel says in a plea to win Vin’s help.
             “This is something you must consider. If you really want to make a world … that’s worthy of them.” Abel says softly as Vin stands in the exit of the building.  Vin turns his head and looks deeply into Abel’s eyes. They are the eyes of a young man who has seen our world's deepest secrets, eyes that carry wisdom far beyond their time. However, this time Vin notices something more than that. He can finally see ... a hint of fear.
This boy, Abel, is like me. He does not want to lose his home ... and I believe he will do anything to prevent it. Vin thinks.
            “You protect your world and I’ll protect mine.” Vin says.
            “You don’t get it Vin. If my world falls, all others will follow it.”

            “We shall see.” Vin says as he leaves the building. The door slams shut behind him.

End of Preface.

Welcome to Beta Earth.