Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Beta Earth: System Failure -Preview-

“My son, home will always be with you. I will always be with you. My love will protect you and your love will save this world.” - Red

Brief Synopsis:

A hacker seeks to battle a corrupt government that erased his family’s legacy.

The story opens with Montello a hacker (25) invading a heavily guarded privatized military corporation. He doesn’t use stealth, strength or agility. Instead he calmly walks up to the door, which conveniently opens for him. Walks right past the hordes of armed guards standing his in way and casually strolls over to their main terminal where he begins to plunder numbers (money) and scripts (anti-hacker ammo) from there system. After he is done, he casually walks out leaving the oblivious guards dumbfounded.

Montello has a gift, left to him by his mother. A NET-UIR he calls H.O.M.E. and this little nifty device, when activated, renders him invisible to all electronic devices within a three to five mile radius for a limited amount of time. In a technically over confident future this device makes Montello a god among men and he intends to use his advantage to its fullest.

With his new found power and his programming partner Hex, Montello intends to amass an army from the shady and dangerous underworld of hackers by impressing the top four hacker teams and gaining their support. Once he has done that he can fulfill his true mission, total destruction of a corrupt government that not only murdered his family but completely erased their legacy.

Amidst the chaos, the good hearted Detective Davis is assigned to the case. He along with the peculiar Detective E must find a way to stop the hacker attacks and solve the mystery of the vengeful Montello.

Jerry R. Napier