Sunday, November 13, 2016

Beta Earth predicted our current state and more! Read to discover more insight to our current world!

Beta Earth: Paradise was drafted in 2013 and is laced with the wisdom of our future.

Excerpt from Beta Earth: Paradise

“Seraphim knows what I speak of. Time is relative and my message is eternal. The eyes of my chosen are watching the events unfold as I speak. They experience a now we cannot yet comprehend. They are the children of the future. In their world, morality is losing to greed and capitalism. An epidemic of mass xenophobia brings distrust, infidelity, racism, and wars. They live as a separate people and have forgotten their bonds to each other. Media sedates them, technology isolates them. They have lost what it means to be human.
The time is soon upon them when I will rise to lead the lost sheep and they will finally realize that my message is not one of bondage but of unity, hope, and salvation. Once humanity isn’t afraid to give in to each other. We can all stand together and share one Paradise. On that day, we will proclaim:”

“We are all one. We are all Decius.”

“So Decius. A second chance awaits for everyone? Even the children of the future?” Dr. Mizrahi asks.

“A second chance awaits for everyone who will accept it. This ... is the true nature of what is called ... Beta Earth.”