Saturday, May 6, 2017

Must we fight for Paradise?

There is a lot of combat in Beta Earth. Much of the story is about the characters training, learning and striving to be stronger.

But why must we fight for Paradise? Is the violence necessary?

While I personally am a great advocate of peaceful solutions. I understand that the world we live in doesn't (solely) adhere to that philosophy.

Strength in body and mind are necessary to attain and hold on to your Paradise.

The weight of writing

When we watch TV or a movie. When you read a book. What parts are most gripping? Is the death of a character? The unity of the love interests? An unexpected reunion of rivals?

These are plot points. Almost formulation in most current Hollywood cinema story telling. Weight however is the importance of each critical plot point, usually surreptitiously foretold at an earlier point and expressed while it is currently happening.

It's the reason why you can watch one movie, see a character die and feel shocked but not emotionally invested. Most likely it's because the characters death was presented as a plot point and not an organic tragedy with real story weight impact.

It's the reason why so many fights or altercations in movies, TV, stories. Seem cool but ultimately feel hollow. The weight behind the conflict and the actual weight during the conflict need to be fully expressed to allow the viewer additional insight into the characters and the impact of the conflict at hand.

In Beta Earth, I work hard to detail every fight scene, romance, death to ensure it's not just fluff, a plot point checklist. It's a learning session and dissected by nuances to give you further insight into the world and its workings.

It many ways, stories should not be written/shown plot point to plot point in checklist fashion. They should be structured towards the weight points. Reader's should be led from one weight point to the next.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Beta Earth predicted our current state and more! Read to discover more insight to our current world!

Beta Earth: Paradise was drafted in 2013 and is laced with the wisdom of our future.

Excerpt from Beta Earth: Paradise

“Seraphim knows what I speak of. Time is relative and my message is eternal. The eyes of my chosen are watching the events unfold as I speak. They experience a now we cannot yet comprehend. They are the children of the future. In their world, morality is losing to greed and capitalism. An epidemic of mass xenophobia brings distrust, infidelity, racism, and wars. They live as a separate people and have forgotten their bonds to each other. Media sedates them, technology isolates them. They have lost what it means to be human.
The time is soon upon them when I will rise to lead the lost sheep and they will finally realize that my message is not one of bondage but of unity, hope, and salvation. Once humanity isn’t afraid to give in to each other. We can all stand together and share one Paradise. On that day, we will proclaim:”

“We are all one. We are all Decius.”

“So Decius. A second chance awaits for everyone? Even the children of the future?” Dr. Mizrahi asks.

“A second chance awaits for everyone who will accept it. This ... is the true nature of what is called ... Beta Earth.”

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Reach out and grab your Paradise

The courage to stand.
The courage to fight.
The courage to face the impossible.

It's time to reach out and grab your Paradise.

Friday, March 4, 2016

For a very limited time Beta Earth: Legacy will be free on Kindle!

In celebration of the last installment of the B.E. Saga - Beta Earth: Paradise

For a very limited time Beta Earth: Legacy will be free on Kindle! Grab your copy today.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Paradise Within Us

Years ago I found a book of Taoism proverbs.

The premise of the book wasn't to solve your problems but to give you insight to your situation. I found the idea fascinating. It never claimed to SOLVE any problem for you. Only give you insight. I must have read that book over hundreds of times, wondering how it could suggest such a feat.

I knew then that I wanted to create something similar. A book of proverbs that could be used to give you insight into a life situation. How to deal with elation or depression. How to deal with change or stagnation. How to ultimately reach your Paradise.

The time has come to reveal all of these answers and more. I've integrated the sparks of wisdom, the path of insight, into each chapter of Beta Earth: Paradise.

It may be the third and final book of the Beta Earth series. However, I strove to make the whole book. No, each chapter, a stand-alone event. With the hopes that you will be able to find your Paradise along with the characters of Beta Earth.

Chapter 1:                           Rescue. 14
Chapter 2:                           Manifest Pt.2. 19
Chapter 3:                           Rage of Paradise. 25
Chapter 4:                           Paradise. 29
Chapter 5:                           Consequence. 35
Chapter 6:                           The Midas Brothers. 41
Chapter 7:                           The Blind King. 45
Chapter 8:                           Marcus Fender 65
Chapter 9:                           The Message. 70
Chapter 10:                        Sovereignty. 74
Chapter 11:                        Chosen One. 79
Chapter 12:                        The End. 84
Chapter 13:                        We are all Decius. 88
Chapter 14:                        Sky Riders
Chapter 15:                        Denial 100
Chapter 16:                        Anger 106
Chapter 17:                        Bargaining. 112
Chapter 18:                        Bargaining Pt. 2. 120
Chapter 19:                        Depression. 131
Chapter 20:                        Acceptance. 145
Chapter 21:                        The Final Bloodline. 149
Chapter 22:                        Invasion of Paradise. 164
Chapter 23:                        Army of One. 168
Chapter 24:                        Death of Paradise. 173
Chapter 25:                        Future vs. Now.. 178
Chapter 26:                        Salvation. 185
Chapter 27:                        The Dream... 188
Chapter 28:                        Beta Earth. 195
Chapter 29:                        Who are you?. 202
Chapter 30:                        Legacy
Chapter 31:                        Conclusion

An exciting and mysterious journey of a lifetime. A journey to find the Paradise within us.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Find Your Paradise

Remember. We must all find our Paradise. It's not always the same place for every person. Each of us has our own unique Paradise. We exist in our own universes. Discover your Paradise and manifest it.