Friday, August 28, 2009

Technical stuff

Um so like I said this story was started back when I was 16 so, here are all the works associated.

Beta Earth: 4 Days (Status: Treatment done this is the absolute first story),
Beta Earth: Children of Paradise (Status: This story hasn't been fully developed yet but it's the childhood story of Lana and the mysterious young man know only as XR),
Beta Earth: Zero Hour (Status: Treatment done story of Rena, Kamon, and Cage),
Beta Earth: Between Worlds (Status: The book that is going to be released yay),
Beta Earth: Awakening (Status: Full Script of this takes place directly after Between Worlds),
Beta Earth: Residual Effects (Status: Another Full Script),
Beta Earth: Lost Paradise (Status: Script not completed yet wraps up the story).

Phew. Or as the youth would type (zomg).

Of course this isn't the only project I've worked on but it's definitely the funnest by far.

My other projects are mostly dramas with heavy comedy... ill make a blog for them soon enough.

What does it take? 1 to 2 hours of writing a night sometimes up to 8 on the weekend if I hermit it up.

Movie Magic (Thanks Polino)!
MS Word
Lot of patience
and fingers help although not required.

My favorite parts to write.
Dialogue by far!!!

I love it when the world comes alive around me... When you read this story it's not what I'm thinking, it's what's actually happening and I am just viewing it. Think of me as your mediator between worlds.

The most difficult parts to write.
Action scenes

Don't get me wrong, they are my favorite to imagine, actually whole characters are designed around how they fight. It play a very important role in defining style and persona. That being said, it is difficult trying to describe even detail and nuance of the battle without having the reader (modern day reader) be bogged down.

Sometimes in combat slight differences make the win, sometimes a fight can be won before anyone makes a move. If both characters are experienced enough they can assess their opponent and conclude a battle before it starts. These are the things I hope to display even if it's in a slightly condensed form.

Can't the future be peaceful?
Hell no!

Actually I do envision the future as peaceful, old conflicts do wear thin and this world is becoming smaller and smaller and we are connecting on a whole new level as people.

That being said, there will always be something to fight about. In times of chaos people will fight for order in times of order people will search for chaos.

It's all about progress and how we can't seem to live without having it.

Personally even though I don't like conflict on a large scale (like war), I can see how conflict makes us better. We all need challenges to grow no matter how big or small.

What is (soft) Softcore Sci-Fi?

Read it lol.

No I do like science fiction but for this saga I wanted to focus more on the mystery of the characters and their affiliations.

Thanks for reading more to come later.


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