Friday, March 5, 2010

Additional Thanks

A few people who will be mentioned in the reprint and in future projects.

The following people are responsible for ALL the great things about the project and none of the crappy parts lol.

No seriously big thanks go out to:

All my awesome people in the Philippines!
Jonathan Brubaker
Andrea Moreno
Kim Evans
Corey Schalke
Noe Francine
Amy Lachat
Rhonda Cwik
Chris Zuber
Kerry Shields
Becca Babcock
Shawn Napier
Laina Toatley
Briana Toatley
Judith Thomas
Donna Bourne Williams
Quentin Bourne
Carolyn Bourne Toatley
Nat Duran
Brandon Toatley
Danielle Quintanilla
Danny Rynne
Eric Boughner
Barb Boran
Kalani Raquel Wells
Sean Jourdan
Gregory Cooke
Evan Lee
Sarah Reyes
Ranee Wu
Big ups to Techs Appeal!
Eric Boghosian
Lindsay Kralovetz
Scott Rosenblatt
Sara Philips
Katie Sauer
Sara Tremblay
Venessa Saldana
Joe Riddle
Maeva Silveira
Sy Ahmed
Beth Denbow
Bri Wiggins
Karla Chavez
Andre Drake
Tj Shields
Elisa Ridolphi
Kim Blair
Bradley Bishcoff
Elizabeth Lubarski
Lelia Barbosa
Kyle Farthing
Chris Kalinowski
Rami Atassi
Atassi Productions
Rishi Ganju
Sridhar Ayala
Karla Rivera
Masayo Kaneko
Deirdre Canty
Remsy Atassi
Corinne Payette
Cindy Dababneh
Ryan Gast
Shlee Nowak
Chuck Wentworth
Dave Mahlman
Dennis Keeling
Marci Hughes
Michele Lee
Vanessa Miles

Thank you guys!!!!

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