Friday, March 19, 2010

Beta Earth:Between Worlds is Here!

It's finally here.

The book is finally available for print. If you like Sci-fi, Drama or just good stories check it out. Also I am pretty much an independent artist! So even if you just like supporting independent art check it out.

Inspired by the Mary Shelley classic Frankenstein.

Beta Earth is a Action/Adventure/Drama, great entertainment book to escape.

Thank you again for any and all support!

This book was made with:
10% sweat, 5% blood, 15% tears and 100% heart (I know my math is off here lol).

Click to grab your copy from

Beta Earth: Between Worlds

It will also be on kindle soon.

I hope you enjoy!

J.R. Napier


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  2. Sure you can join, thanks for the tip! I started moderating lol.