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Beta Earth: Awakening F.A.Q.

Beta Earth: Awakening  has been upgraded to Beta Earth: Legacy

Cool video. What is Beta Earth: Awakening exactly?
It's a fictional novel. The long of it: A story about the final moments before Theia crashed into Earth 4.5 billion years ago. The short of it: A group of star-crossed souls fighting to protect Paradise (the only place rumored to survive the crash). This story is volume two of a larger collection.
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The first novella is Beta Earth: Between Worlds. It was released in 2010.
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Yes! I have full confidence in the novel as it stands.
If I had the proper funding right now I would release it as is.
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I'm currently editing a video review about this question. So i'll keep it short (as possible) here. You'll notice it's not a first-person novel. I keep a brisk pace and paint a full picture for the reader without bogging them down. Nothing is frivolous in the novel. All technology/characters are a part of a bigger picture in some surprising way. The fight scenes are epic and intense but also thoughtful/meaningful. I combine it all with deep philosophy and hopefully eye opening revelations.
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I started the Beta Earth Saga back in 2005. I made various movie scripts/treatments etc. Finally I complied the knowledge into a novella in 2009 - Beta Earth: Between World. Then I spent 2010 till 2014 crafting the novel Beta Earth: Awakening.
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Ugh that is so hard! I love them all. I know its weird for me to say as a writer but they surprise me with new skills and hidden attributes as they grow/learn/experience. I would have to say Akari is my favorite character. She always dominates a scene. There is a reason why she is a legend in the story and she shows it every time she is on the page.
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Yes! Although I must say it's in Beta stage. I am using an expensive program to do it right now and it's 98% accurate. With some of the funding I hope to get professional voice artist(s) to work on the project.
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I will also do a video on this and post it in the updates later. The short version. I got the idea back in 1999 when everyone was going crazy about Y2K and the end of the world. After a some research I found out a cataclysmic earth shattering event (presumably) already happened between Earth and Theia. I wondered what their end of days would be like and how they would survive to spawn us as we are today.
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Of course! I love feedback positive and constructive. Heck this novel is only possible with the input from fans and friends of the first Novella. Keep in mind. All suggestions will be considered but not all will be entered. Only so much can survive the final edit.
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Yes, I am an underdog in this sense. After talking to a lot of my peers and just surveying people in general. I realized that reading is really falling to the wayside. With so much outside stimulation (TV/Music/Movies) it's hard to get someone to actual sit down and engage in a book. I specifically wanted to take on that challenge. I wanted to write something that could be more action packed than your latest blockbuster movie. More gripping than your Sunday TV drama. All while providing a more in-dept experience where you can question the bigger things in life and discuss them with friends/family. To put it short. Books can lead you to a place that other mediums cannot and I hope to show the less than avid readers this.
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Nothing! You can go into the story blind and end up with a very enjoyable experience. However, if you want to add to the experience here are a few keywords to look up.
*Wiki will do just fine*
1. Theia (Giant impact hypothesis)
2. Black Knight Satellite
3. Paradise
4. Philosopher's stone
Things to watch out for when reading are:
Colors (they represent certain domains of characters).
Some character names and surnames will show you who is connected. Possible allies or enemies (yeah I know vague but no spoilers)!
Okay, I don't want to give away too much. More to come later. *Maybe*

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