Sunday, December 20, 2009

Influences Part 2

Another strong influence for the main character is Miyamoto Musashi. (1584 - 1645)

I am a big fan of this historic figure, his life story was so interesting and his book of five rings is very inspirational.

For all you who don't know Musashi was a Japanese Swordsman and a well known Ronin (Master less Samurai). He was well known for his swordsmanship even at a young age (His first duel at the age of 13).

Clave shares a lot of parallelisms with Musashi, even some of his battles are inspired from Musashi's adventures.

Musashi roamed the lands looking for the next challenge, always wanting to test his skill. He was undefeated and only had one draw during his time as a swords man. He typically carried two swords and used whatever advantage he could to win the life or death battles.

Musashi once battled a man Shishido Baiken who wielded the Kusarigama. He almost lost that battle if it wasn't for him throwing his second sword. This tactic was not common as it was typical for a swordsman to fight with honor and hold on to his sword to the death. Musashi had no qualms casting aside the code in order to win the battle.

Very interesting man.

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